Hello Beauties,

I wanted to do this blog so that you could get to know me a little better. My name is Yasming and I am the fonder of Slimthickk Boutique. I get asked a lot about the meaning behind the name of my company. I created this name because I wanted a strong opening statement that welcomed all ladies of all sizes. I know what some of you may be thinking” oh she’s catering to the ladies with a slim waist and thick at the top and bottom” lol.  No, this is not the only ladies I cater to. I wanted to open up a platform for women of all colors, shapes and sizes to be comfortable.

This company is not just about a profit but its about doing something I love and that’s catering to people and making people smile along the way. I feel that clothing makes people happy and this is what I want to achieve. I offer the best quality products at a very affordable cost.

I really appreciate you all for choosing my store. I hope that we continue to grow as a business and continue to serve you. If you like, please share your experience with our store on your social media. Tag us and you may be featured on our social media page #slimthickkboutique.

Again, thank you and enjoy!